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What is a mehndi party?

Mehndi party
Mehndi party

Indian weddings involve a series of celebration’s occurring before and after the couple becomes officially married. The mehndi party is one of the liveliest, and important parties to take place before the wedding. The event itself will surround the bride with family and friends during the countdown to the big day.

A mehndi party is a pre-wedding celebration. During this event, the bride has a red-orange mehndi “stain” applied to her palms, the back of her hands and her feet.

The mehndi party is held at night a week before the ceremony, However, it could take place closer to the wedding. The party will start the wedding festivities off and prepare the bride for the wedding. The party is traditionally hosted by the bride’s parents. At grand venue we have hosted various mehndi parties and always look forward to throwing the next one. We enjoy creating a wonderful night for the bride and all her close family and friends that they will always remember. These events can last around three to four hours or longer.

Henna tattoos

During the mehndi party henna tattoos play an integral role at traditional mehndi weddings. Before the wedding ceremony, couples sometimes joined by their parties often have intricate designs painted on their hands, arms and feet. This remains an important part of the wedding process. Today wearing wedding henna tattoos is common among various communities.

Who is invited to a mehndi party?

Traditionally, only women are invited to the mehndi ceremony. Usually the bride invites mothers, sisters, bridesmaids and friends from both the brides and the groom’s side. You can expect to get a small henna design applied to your body if you want, but don’t ask for a tattoo that is similar to the brides.

At grande venue we can create a magical experience whatever event you decide to have. For more information regarding our events get in touch with us today to make your special day come to life.

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