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Your Wedding Cards Timeline

your wedding cards timeline

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times in your life. It also comes with a great amount of stress, tying to plan and execute the perfect day will have it’s good and bad moments. Now that your partner has popped the question (congratulations by the way) where does one begin to plan a wedding, what do you tick off the very long list first.

Getting married is every little girl’s dream, dressing up like a princess for the day, it sounds perfect. On the other hand when you grow up you soon understand this fairy-tale is going to cost a lot of money. First thing to tick off that wedding list of yours is setting a budget. Once you’ve agreed on a reasonable budget, it will make choosing everything else a little easier. Then again it’s always the brides final say on things wedding related.

When should you send out your wedding cards?

Other than agreeing on a budget that let’s be honest everyone goes over. Setting a date and choosing your venue is one of the things that is very important if you plan on having people attend your wedding. In addition choosing your wedding cards is just as important. Many people assume that this part is easy as you just pick a card and put some names and dates on them and send them out. However, it’s never that simple. It’s important to not leave them last minute either as you’ll be disappointed when some of your family and friends are unable to attend due to short notice. Your wedding cards should be sent out 12 weeks prior to your wedding date. Ordering them anywhere between 4-5 months would be recommended. This will give your guests plenty of time to send back their RSVPs and get prepared for the big day.

How to prepare your wedding cards?

The first thing you need to do to prepare your wedding invitations is check them over for any errors. There are two kinds of errors to look for. The first are any spelling or grammar mistakes. If you have ordered them online, then you may have mistyped something for example.

The second error is due to printing. Most often, these are related to the colour of the card, such as requesting a lighter colour and receiving a darker one. There might be some errors with details like the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date, and the venue. Make sure these details are correct before sending out your wedding cards.

How long to wait for your RSVPs?

After double and triple checking your wedding cards, it’s time to choose the envelopes to send the invitations in. Some can be sent like postcards. However, if you’re sending RSVPs or anything else with your invitations, you’ll need an envelope. Write the envelopes out carefully, double checking that you get the names and addresses correct. Then you’re ready to send off your wedding cards and tick another box of your wedding checklist. When you send your wedding invitations, you have to pick a date by which you’ll expect their RSVP back if your sending them. If you are expecting them back in the mail, give them enough time to decide and then send them back. Ideally this should be three to four weeks before the wedding, this gives people enough time to respond.

Once you get your RSVPs back, then all that’s left is … Everything else!


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